April 2008 - Posts

5th June, Thames Valley Park, Reading sees an Operations Day for SQL Server 2008 for Premier customers only. 

More information: http://sqlblogcasts.com/blogs/thepremiers/archive/2008/04/27/operations-day-for-sql-server-2008-open-for-premier-customers-only.aspx

Don't worry - we've plenty of stuff in the pipe line if you aren't lucky enough (or are for that matter).

SQLBits is scheduled for the 12th and 13th Sept in Hatfield but more information on that in about a months time.


This week I'm over in Seattle for the MVP Summit, a number of us UK SQL Server MVP's are out here - myself, Simon Sabin, David Portas, Jamie Thomson, Rob Farley and Satya Jantry.

We popped over to see Euan yesterday for a BBQ - I knew things started to go down hill when we started to play on his xbox and the Rock Band game.

Want to see? http://sqlblogcasts.com/r.ashx?F

Shaping up for a good week - met up with some folks I've not seen in a long while - Russell Fields, Roy Harvey - great to see you guys back in the program.

If like me you spend the majority of your life remote desktoping to various servers you should know that as of Vista SP1 the /console switch no longer gets you to the Console session on the server - you need to use the /admin switch instead; apparently the behaviour is the same on Windows 2008.

It's the client side that's the problem.

Anyway- this blog entry explains it all -> http://blog.shijaz.com/2008/01/no-more-mstscexe-console.html

Hope that saves you a few minutes headache.


Microsoft Data Warehouse in Depth

Joy Mundy & Warren ThornthwaiteLondon, 13 – 16 May 2008  
Attend Microsoft Data Warehouse in Depth at Crown Plaza London, May 13-16 to discover how to build a successful business intelligence system using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Covering the complete suite of data warehousing tools that accompanies SQL Server 2005, Warren Thornthwaite and Joy Mundy, authors with Ralph Kimball of the Microsoft Data Warehouse Toolkit, focus on the full project lifecycle, including design, development, deployment and maintenance. This four-day course will provide you with practical guidance for every member of the data warehouse team. You'll learn how to:
  • Identify high-value business requirements and build organizational support for the project
  • Design an information infrastructure for the enterprise using established dimensional design
  • Design and build a flexible and powerful ETL system to clean, align and restructure data for business use
  • Provide decision makers with tools to analyze business problems and opportunities
  • Use data mining to uncover data relationships and trends
  • Build BI applications in Reporting Services
  • And much more!
To find out more visit http://www.obisomni.com/events/eventdetail.php?id=1694&title=Insight%20from%20Kimball%20University:%20Microsoft%20Data%20Wa or to register, please contact Mark Read or phone +44 (0) 1603 671 308 Who should attend
This course is designed to appeal to all major roles on a data warehouse project on the Microsoft platform. It offers useful guidance for data warehouse team managers, system architects, ETL system architects and developers, data warehouse operational staff, and BI application designers and developers.


I found this while researching a blog article; very interesting - I always thought code was put in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Only seems to work on SQL Server 2005 SP1.

set language british
set ansi_defaults off
set ansi_nulls on 

declare @uid uniqueidentifier 
set @uid = newid() 

@tb table ( blah char(36) not null ) 

insert @tb values( cast( @uid as char(36) ) ) 

select cast( blah as uniqueidentifier ), *
from @tb 

Gives the result set ->


Post a comment if you tried without luck; there is something else to it, possibly regional settings - I'll work through it with you.