August 2008 - Posts

Milton Keynes Meeting this Thursday, SQLBits Agenda now live, New SQLServerFAQ launched, Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal seminar next week.

Ton's of stuff going on in the SQL space at the moment; most importantly:-

This Thursday sees the first User Group meeting in Milton Keynes where myself and Simon Sabin will be given presentations, Simon on SQL Server 2008 for developers and myself on Common Table Expressions - how they work, performance and using Recursion.

Next week sees Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal give a 3 day seminar - Best Practice Practices in Performance and Availability for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 - The folling week they are in Edinburgh giving a 2 day seminar - Indexing for Performance in SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 -

The SQLBits agenda is now live -

The SQLServerFAQ has been completely rewritten and the first release I popped up last night, the user group is evolving and SQLServerFAQ will play a key role in that - (more information at SQLBits - including chances to win one of 3 copies of Visual Studio Team System Premier subscription worth many £K's). Let me know what you think, what you want in terms of functionality.

I'm doing a training day on the 12th September around creating a solid, recoverable and available SQL Server platform through backups and High Availability routines, a basic understanding of T-SQL and how to use the SQL Server tools to configure, manage and monitor your SQL Server install -

Last but not least - SQL Bits "the pre-conference Training day" on the 12th Sept ( and SQL Bits "the conference" on Saturday 13th Sept (

Community Events:

[28 AUG] - SQL 2008 for Developers, also, What are CTE's? How can I use CTE Recursion? Performance?
UK SQL Server User Group
Milton Keynes, 6pm - 9.15pm
Tony Rogerson, SQL Server MVP
Simon Sabin, SQL Server MVP

Take stock of the latest news around SQL Server and bring your problem in our 30 minute round table, followed by Tony Rogerson on CTE's then by Simon Sabin on what's in SQL Server 2008 for developers.

More information and registration:

[4 SEPT] - Getting more value from your data through Data Mining
UK SQL Server User Group
Online via Live Meeting, 7pm - 8pm
Allan Mitchell, SQL Server MVP

Data Mining is now a fully paid up member of your SQL Server arsenal. Data mining allows you to look into your data and discover more value than you could by simple querying. Iam going to try to dispel some of the unfounded myths around Data Mining during the session. In the first part of this session I am going to take you through some of the things you can do with Data mining. In the second part I will look at some of the new stuff that is coming along in SQL Server 2008.

More information and registration:

[13 SEPT] - SQLBits Community conference
Hatfield (University of Hertfordshire), Full Day

Join 450 SQL professionals in this free conference with 5 tracks and 20 sessions; if you haven't registered then do it now before places run out.

More information and registration:

Microsoft Events:

[10 SEPT] - SQL Server 2008 Unleashed
Microsoft Reading, TVP
Full Day

The Real SQL Server 2008 launch with sessions and demos from some of the SQL Server MVP's as well as Microsoft.

Get in quick because the event is going to be very popular!

More information and registration:


Many thanks,
Tony Rogerson, SQL Server MVP

Hi all,

I've spent most the weekend redeveloping from scratch (well, except the database bits) the website which houses the UK SQL Server User Group.

In this release I've concentrated on events; I'm thinking what to provide in terms of online collaboration, I don't want a pure forum because that's done better everywhere else - any ideas? Anyway, comment or email me

Once the site is complete I will offer it to other UK based communities for them to use to help them run their own User Groups.

Hope I haven't broken too much - there where a few handles into the site to get at the content.

I'm also now looking for people to help me administer the site - adding meetings, finding and adding content/news etc...

Keep posted - but there is going to be a lot more online delivered live meetings.... so topic suggestions please.


In this Live Meeting Allan will be taking a look at some of the more interesting things that are coming our way for Integrations Services in SQL Server 2008.  He will be looking at things like "The Caching Transform", the "Lookup Component", "Change Data Capture", the "Pipeline Limiter" and Threading amongst other things.


Time: 7pm - 8pm UK time.

A presentation by the UK SQL Server User Group (


It's been a bit of a wait, but it's there now. It's already downloadable by TechNet or MSDN subscribers. 

Here's the press release:

More information though the download at this moment in time (6am, Thurs) are still RC0 ->

Some really cool stuff in 2008, myself and some of my clients have been holding off on server upgrades specifically to get this version.

Look out for many local events with 2008 content including our very own SQLBits conference and through the SQL Server User Group.


So who remembers when 1GB cost a few £K's? It wasn't that many years ago.


Anyway, thought I'd take the plunge into Windows 2008 and upgrade my rack servers running blogcasts etc...




4 x DELL POWEREDGE 840/2-B123/A

2GB DDR2-667 ECC Module for Dell PowerEdge 840 @ £39.80(+ 17.5% VAT)


Sub Total = £159.20


Not sure there is any excuse anymore for not maxing your boxes server memory out at these silly cheap prices.


I'm giving a Full Day Seminar on the 12th September at the University of Hertfordshire which is just north of London.

For full information see:

This is targetted for people new to SQL Server or for those in departments like IT OPS who need to support SQL Server.

The abstract is as follows:-

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2005
    • What is a relational database?
    • What is SQL?
    • What features come with the product and how can they be used to build a complete and stable platform for your database application and business process?
  • Introduction to SQL
    • A basic understanding of querying
      • SELECT statement
      • UPDATE
      • INSERT
      • DELETE
    • What do we mean by Concurrent access?

      • Blocking

      • Performance and Bottlenecking

  • Configuring SQL Server

    • Backup Plan

    • Recovery Plan

    • Application Availability

      • Log Shipping

      • Database Mirroring

      • Clustering

      • Replication

    • Security

    • Hardware

      • RAID

      • Memory

      • Licencing

    • Monitoring your box

      • Event Notifications

      • Alerts

  • Troubleshooting

    • What tools can I use?

      • SQL Profiler

      • PerfMon