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UK SQL Server User Group has Kalen Delaney - Query Tuning Hints and Tips on Live Meeting tonight, 7.30pm UK Time

The UK SQL Server User Group is proud to present Kalen Delaney this evening 7.30pm - 8pm on Live Meeting for a session on Query Tuning. 

More information including link is here: http://sqlserverfaq.com/events/143/Kalen-Delaney-Query-Tuning-Live-Meeting.aspx.

We welcome Kalen Delaney to kick off the Autumn season of Live Meetings, Kalen is well known for her Microsoft Press Inside SQL Server books for SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 as well as being a long standing author in SQL Server Magazine, a veteran SQL Server expert of over 20 years.

In this 30 minute Live Meeting Kalen will talk about Query Tuning and give us some tips and techniques as well as introduce some of the new Engine features of SQL Server 2008.

This is a live meeting presentation (online), we suggest you visit the meeting URL 10 minutes before the event starts (the event starts at 7.30pm) in order to make sure you can download and install the Live Meeting applet in time.


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