Saturday, October 2, 2010 12:01 PM tonyrogerson

Slides and Code from SQLBits Recency Frequency talk by Tony Rogerson and Alison Coughtrie


The technique of Recency Frequency Intensity/Monetary is a powerful analytical technique for identifying data patterns and business performance. An introduction to the technique will be given, however the main focus of the session will be on demonstrating on how RFI/M can be performed using a number of SQL features such as Data Windowing, the OVER clause and PARTITION BY, CROSS APPLY and Common Table Expressions and how you can nest the table expressions. The session should be of benefit to both inexperienced and experienced SQL coders and analysts, each construct will be explained as well as the query plans produced. Demo's will be done on AdventureWorks which we actually discover is going out of business!

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