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zip Asynchronous Processing Demo

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Date Added: Tue, Dec 5 2006

This zip file contains a data dude project for deploying the demos associated with the Asynchronous Processing in SQL Server 2005 presentation.

Do deploy the database unzip the project to a folder and open the testdb.dbproj file. You will need to have Visual Studio for Database Professionals installed. (The deployment script for the database is also located in the zip file)

You will need to change the database connection to point to your server.

Right click on the testdb database and select deploy.

This will enable CLR on the server. The demo also needs xp_cmdshell enabling, this is not in the build for security reasons. To run that section of the demo please run the serverSettings.sql file in the scripts/scripts folder.

The Demo files are in the Demo folder and are named appropriately.

The replication demo assumes the server has been configured with a distributor for replication. This can be easily done in management studio by right clicking on the replication node and selecting "Enable Publishing and Distribution"



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