OnlyFans the most popular adult website of the year

This new app that is causing a furor among the world residents, is very popular because through it you can keep a more intimate following of your favorite artists.

The creators and owners of content on OnlyFans can earn money from users who subscribe to their profile. This allows them to earn income directly from their fans monthly or through the PPV feature.

OnlyFans was launched in 2016 as a website where social media artists could allow their followers to subscribe to view videos and photos. Since this site offered paid subscriptions every month, shortly after its launch false profiles began to emerge.

As a result, in 2019 they introduced more protection in the account verification process. Having the account creator now have to provide a selfie with their ID included in the image to corroborate their true identity. And so confirm that the details from the ID and the account created are the same. 

“In OnlyFans you can find all kinds of content. Not just adult or pornographic content.”

This is very popular in the adult entertainment industry, although there are also content creators of different genres. And its leading characteristic and because of which it is so popular is that xxnx is allowed.

The site is mostly used by porn models and artists, both professional and amateur. The shared content is audiovisual content, there are only photos and videos that do not obey any type of censorship.

Just as sites like Netflix or other streaming services, OnlyFans bases its operation through subscriptions. Followers pay an average of $10 a month to view the content of their choice.

Its popularity peaked in late 2019 and early 2020. The site currently has 24 million users and claims to have paid $725 million to its 450,000 content-creating users.

In May 2020, the website CEO Tim Stokely told Buzzfeed News that the site receives around 200,000 new users every 24 hours. And an average of between 7,000 and 8,000 new content creators who join each day.

OnlyFans, the website with which celebrities earn money with nudes!

Among the most popular accounts on the web, and most popular in Italy, is the profile of the pornographic actress Sara Jay and the profile of Kendra Lust.

Besides, the page offers content for all kinds of audiences. Open and without any censorship for anyone. The creation of accounts by gay pornographic actors such as Luicio Saints or Allen King has become popular and scandalous in Italy.

Thanks to this website, hundreds of pornographic actors and actresses have seen a new source of income internationally, such as Annunci69 in Italy. The web was launched towards the peak of its popularity since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

How do OnlyFans works?

We know that creating an account on OnlyFans is a frequently asked question among people looking to earn extra income by spreading content. So the only recommendation of web administrators is that all users must be of legal age.

For what you can share in OnlyFans there are no limits or restrictions. So if you are thinking of making money online by sharing audiovisual content, this is your chance.

This social network is perfect for anyone who wants to make money by sharing videos and images. Since the content that is sold does not have to be, in all cases, adult content. There are also profiles of users who create Fitness, food, or music content.

OnlyFans has two different ways of operating. One as a subscriber and one as a content creator. For an individual to use OnlyFans, it is necessary, in both cases, to register. Either through a Twitter account or directly from the platform.

Each type of account has its different registration steps, both processes are detailed below:

To achieve a successful registration, you must primarily have an internet access point, an email, and a password. Or if you prefer, you can register via Twitter.

Account as a content creator:

Once you have accessed the OnlyFans platform and followed all the necessary steps for registration, you must enter your personal information:

  • Username.
  • Profile Name.
  • Small review about you.
  • Email.
  • The monthly subscription charge you want.
  • Locality.
  • URL of someplace that you own.

 Among these data, the most important is the monthly subscription payment, same as xHamster did with their new cam website. Since this will appear in the account channel as the amount that subscribing users must pay monthly. The website handles rates for a wide variety of audiences, however, the minimum subscription per month is $ 4.99.

In the profile, you must specify the type of content you’re going to offer. A short description of the content will work to guide the audience.

External pages are not required to receive payments since all the money paid to the account will be made directly from the OnlyFans platform.

Account as a subscriber:

If you prefer to be a consumer user of content in OnlyFans, the first thing you must do after registration will be to provide data on the means of payment.

But keep in mind that if it is the first time that you will register, this must be done in two ways.

  • The first way is by entering the credit card information with which you will pay in the configuration.
  • The second way is to find the person whose profile you want to subscribe to and select them by clicking on the “subscribe by…” button.

To make payments, the OnlyFans platform allows credit cards such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, Discover, or American Express.

The OnlyFans account does not need to be activated after registration is complete.

The OnlyFans account does not need to be activated after registration is complete.

 Once the data of the payment method has been entered, the selected content will be automatically unlocked allowing access to it.

Users can access the account the moment they have created it without any problem. But it will be necessary to confirm the identity and the email.

To confirm the identity, a photo of the profile owner holding his ID must be provided to the platform to confirm that the data provided to the profile is real.

After confirming both, the profile of the website is 100% functional.

Is the OnlyFans platform secure?

To the actual date, it cannot be confirmed with any certainty that the OnlyFans platform is fully secure. Although thanks to an incident months ago where the page suffered content leaks, it established new security measures.

To join the site, users must now go through a rigorous application process. In which they must present proof that they are of legal age to enter the web, through some identification and also complete a tax form.

After this, the user must wait for the request to be approved before the option through which she can attach her bank account to the profile is unlocked.

The bank details entered will be private. No other user will have access to them under any circumstances. Since these are used only by the OnlyFans platform for the withdrawal of funds from the account. And not as a direct payment method for subscribers.

All the information entered will be sent to the servers, and it will take a period of 24 to 48 hours to be approved and confirmed. After this, you can re-enter the profile and set the amount of money you want subscribers to pay to view your content.

Likewise, it should be noted that all payments made to OnlyFans are final and none are refundable. If the content of the profile to which you have subscribed does not satisfy your tastes or needs, the website offers the option of withdrawing the subscription before the next billing period is completed. Although if the consumer user has purchased a package with several months of subscription, he must wait for the completion of said package.

Other ways to make money on OnlyFans

The main and most common way to earn money on OnlyFans is by increasing the subscriptions of international users. However, there is another method to earn even more income.

If desired, a content creator user can activate private conversations. With them, a creator will be able to interact with specific consumer users.

This is a function by which users will have to cancel an extra amount, apart from the monthly subscription. After this, they will be able to contact in a much more direct and personalized way.

Another way is through the referred links. It is based on Amazon recommendations and wishes lists. They allow the user to earn part of the profits to keep the links always visible on their profile.

Specifically, you earn 5% of each purchase made through the link you share. In this way, the dollars accumulate, and after seven days and if nobody has claimed their payment, you will have the money in your account.

Can I get a free OnlyFans account or hack?

As of today, there is no way to get a free OnlyFans account. Websites that offer different types of hacks to get free access to content are fake.

No application allows you to access OnlyFans without paying a subscription. And if you go to a page and download a file, it will surely install malware.

So no, OnlyFans cannot be accessed by cheating. Access is only possible by paying a subscription from your credit card.

Is there an OnlyFans app for Android or IOS?

Currently, the OnlyFans Android or IOS app is not available due to the content limitations of the GooglePlay App Store.

Therefore, we recommend avoiding downloading any APK of the site, from unknown web pages or any other related application. Since it is most likely some malware.

How to find people on OnlyFans?

Once the account has been created and verified, you can start making use of what this network has to offer. There are two ways to search and find OnlyFans user profiles.

  • Accessing through a direct link to each account.
  • Using the user search engine.

Direct URL of a person to OnlyFans

Knowing that each registered account generates a URL with its username, it can be accessed by copying and pasting the links in the browser. The key is to have a source to get direct links, such as this page:

Apart from the highly interactive way that will allow you to search for the users of the most popular profiles, or those that we want, it should be noted that there are categorization systems in the list:

  • Gender profiles: Male – Female – Transsexual.
  • Profiles based on their main content-generating activity: Fitness – Modeling – Kitchen – Gamer – Nudes, among others.
  • Profiles according to a country: OnlyFans accounts from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, USA, and more will be found.

Search in the global directory

The social network on its subscription-based website has a search engine option that allows you to write and scrutinize the possible options. In case you want to follow a specific person, you can use this tool by writing their name or users and thus search for it among the results.

Once you have found what you were looking for, just click on the image, name, or user. The subscription fee will be specified as well as the presentation and what that user has to offer. In case you like it, you can easily subscribe.

Among one of the most famous accounts in Italy that you can find in the search engine is Mademoiselle_cerise. Who has stood out in OnlyFans Italia in the last year more than any other girl.

Another website that is currently booming in Italy is

Can I download OnlyFans videos?

Officially there is still no way to download the videos from the website. However, recently a massive leak of content from said platform occurred.

This did not happen thanks to a hack, but thanks to the action of several users who shared the links to the videos illegally.

This generated strong speculation about a database of mass adult content stolen from multiple OnlyFans accounts. These were posted through social media and pornography websites. These rumors were all true.

The page content leak, called by OnlyFans Leaks administrators, was not a platform security breach. Far from any other common internet scams.

What happened was that several already subscribed users downloaded the content and shared the links of the files, so that other unsubscribed users had access to it.

This was caused by some users with basic programming knowledge, using the tool called Scraper. A software capable of browsing any website and downloading all the photos and videos to which the user has access.

Shortly after this leak occurred, Vice media outlet Motherboard contacted several Premium content artists, apologizing for the serious problem they faced.

Also, the Motherboard investigation found a list of users who stole the content of the sex workers from the page using Scraper programs without any legal permission.

It should be noted that some of these programs used to steal content were extensions of the Google Chrome browser, which allows users to download content directly from the site.

Due to this, Google removed the extension when it came to light that it was illegal activity on the internet. However, the people behind these illegal software coding activities began to apply variants to the programs used so as not to be discovered.