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  • SQL Server 2008 February CTP Available

    Euan posted late yesterday evening that SQL Server 2008 February CTP (CTP 6) has been released. Grab it from here (one of the pages are dated November 2007, but the link will take you to the correct download).
    Posted to Niels SQL Server Blog (Weblog) by nielsb on Wed, Feb 20 2008
  • Update of SQLCLRProject

    I’ve had some feed-back about SQLCLRProject (thanks Doug et al!), and based on that fixed some issues. Read all about it, and get the updates on the download page . As always, comments and suggestions for improvements are very welcome!! Niels
    Posted to Niels SQL Server Blog (Weblog) by nielsb on Wed, Jan 30 2008
  • Like Phoenix Rising ... or New Version of SQLCLRProjct

    Hi everyone, it’s been a while (shame one me!)!! As some of you may know, back in the days I developed a tool for deploying .NET assemblies to SQL Server 2005 (or, as it was called then, Yukon). Initially it was just a tool used from the command line. As time went by, it evolved into a project named...
    Posted to Niels SQL Server Blog (Weblog) by nielsb on Mon, Jan 14 2008
  • The Microsoft Learning Portal for SQL Server 2008 is Now Available

    The new SQL Server 2008 Learning Portal contains the latest MSL products including eBooks and e-Learnings, Instructor-lead Trainings and Certification Exams on SQL Server 2008. The site is branded with the same look and feel as the ‘Heros Happen Now’ Campaign to be better integrated with the on-going...
    Posted to The Premiers (Weblog) by ThePremiers on Mon, Dec 24 2007
  • SQL Server 2008 Spatial - Got a question?

    If you got a question about the spatial stuff in SQL Server 2008 make sure you visit the msd Spatial forum The guys from the team that developed it hang out there so you should get an answer pretty quick. - var height=90;var width...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Wed, Dec 19 2007
  • SQL Server 2008 Filestream : Why?

    Why would you want to use filestream in SQL Server 2008? The files you store using filestream in SQL Server 2008 are not accessible directly using the normal io methods.Instead you have to make a SQL call to get a pointer which you can then use with normal methods. So if you have to access SQL anyway...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Mon, Dec 17 2007
  • Katmai Spatial - Whats a dimension?

    When you read the specs for the spatial stuff (BOL has some incorrect links) some of the methods talk about min and maximum geometry dimensions. I must have been doing too much analysis services stuff and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what a dimension was in this context. On reading the...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Wed, Dec 12 2007
  • Katmai Spatial - What's a geometry

    Following on my previous post on discovering the spatial types I mention that one of the aspects to understand is the different types of geometries. Point Fairly this is obvious its a single spot that has an X and a Y co-ordinate. Multi Point A group of points that are not connected. (if they were connected...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Sun, Dec 9 2007
  • Katmai Spatial - First thoughts

    I've been doing some work with the Spatial types in Katmai and these are my first thoughts. The first thing is that the data type is the same used by SQL as used in your .Net code. So what does that mean, · You use the same methods, which is great from a familiarity perspective · When calling the...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Sun, Dec 9 2007
  • New builds of SQL 2005 Service Manager available adding SQL 2008 compatability

    New versions of SQL 2005 Service Manager are now available for WinXP/Win2003/Win2008 and Vista. The only changes in these new releases are the addition of SQL 2008 support and Windows 2008 support for the non Vista version. As it turned out, adding SQL 2008 compatability only required a single line to...
    Posted to blog (Weblog) by sqldbatips on Fri, Nov 30 2007
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