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  • Inconsistent NullIF Behaviour ?

    NullIf can be a very handy function sometimes. For those who have not used it, if the result of the two parameters are equal then null is returned. So if we execute : Code Snippet Select nullif ( 10 , 10 ) as Result1 Select nullif ( 10 , 9 ) as Result2 We get the result of For some test data, I required...
    Posted to SQL and the like (Weblog) by Dave Ballantyne on Fri, Aug 6 2010
  • SQL 101 : Without “ORDER BY”, order is not guaranteed.

    It’s as simple as that. If you don’t specify ORDER BY, then the order of your result set is not guaranteed. Oh sure , there may be situations where the data looks like it is being returned ordered, but this is not really the case. So, for example : CREATE TABLE #Example ( row_id INTEGER ); GO INSERT...
    Posted to SQL and the like (Weblog) by Dave Ballantyne on Sun, Jun 27 2010
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