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  • Performance problems loading XML with SSIS, an alternative way!

    I recently needed to load several thousand XML files into a SQL database, I created an SSIS package which was created as followed: Using a foreach container to loop through a directory and load each file path into a variable, the “Import XML” dataflow would then load each XML file into a SQL table. Running...
    Posted to Atul Thakor (Weblog) by AtulThakor on Wed, Feb 2 2011
  • ETL performance test - parallel package execution

    I was recently busy with testing performance of our ETL process. Each day we process a number of independent feeds, which will increase in the future. These feeds contain usually similar number of rows. At present we have over 100 hundred feeds that are run daily. We have implemented a C# application...
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on Sat, Jun 13 2009
  • How to get rowcount efficiently within a SSIS package?

    I would like to call this as how efficiently you can obtain counting rows in SSIS package. Usual thought would come is @@rowcount or COUNT_BIG functions, but this is not that efficient way to obtain the results. SSIS provides the snippet within its components such as using Row Count component, for this...
  • SSIS World Record

    Microsoft has published a performance benchmark on loading 1TB of data using ETL stuff in SSIS 2008. They say the are the first ever to do this, read more about it here . Our well-known colleague Jamie has some thoughts about it too. Details about the benchmark have been given by Len Wyatt. A whitepaper...
    Posted to Dave's Blog (Weblog) by DaveRuijter on Thu, Feb 28 2008
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