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  • Processing Dimensions, Partions and Re-Building Aggregations

    This package is very similar what Jamie has already posted . I have written a simple package which process all dimensions and process 3 specific partitions (current fiscal period, current fiscal period -1 and current fiscal period -2). Once I have processed all the dimensions and 3 partitions in selected...
    Posted to Sutha's SQL BI Blog (Weblog) by tsutha on Mon, Jul 31 2006
  • Gotcha When You Process Update Dimensions

    We can process cube related members via DDL statements. Jamie posted a simple package which process all the dimensions and measure groups. Jamie followed it with a question in the forum and did a post . I got interested in that and followed the thread and got it confirmed the following: If your do process...
    Posted to Sutha's SQL BI Blog (Weblog) by tsutha on Mon, Jul 31 2006
  • 64 Bit Performance Issue Resolved

    With the hotfix from Microsoft we have resolved this issue. It was a bug, which was fixed with hotfix. If anyone has performance issue contact Microsoft and get hotfix. Thanks Sutha
    Posted to Sutha's SQL BI Blog (Weblog) by tsutha on Mon, Jul 24 2006
  • Continuing on 64 bit SSIS issues - Hopefully Resolved

    Using the example I have posted on my previous post , Microsoft have reproduced the issue I have had on a 64 bit platform. Infact some of the issues were identified before. Microsoft have been working on the solution for last couple of months (service pack 2). Microsoft released a hot fix (which is not...
    Posted to Sutha's SQL BI Blog (Weblog) by tsutha on Fri, Jul 14 2006
  • SSIS Lookup Transformation Dynamic SQL workaround

    In SSIS, Lookup Transformation is really an important tool. But the design of it prevents user to set the SQL statement dynamicly. In my work, I need to prepare a text file for BULK loading into table. The original csv file could be 10 million ~ 1 billion rows. On the way I need to lookup several IDs...
    Posted to Dong Xie's Blog (Weblog) by dong on Thu, Jul 13 2006
  • Sample Project / Package to Re-Pro 64 Bit Issue

    Microsoft said, they couldn't reproduce the problem from Scratch, but I have. I have sent it to MS as well. I have attached the whole project (with all the packages) and configuration files. Master Package [1] Creates a simple table in tempdb database if it doesn't exist else it will truncate the table...
    Posted to Sutha's SQL BI Blog (Weblog) by tsutha on Fri, Jul 7 2006
  • Rambling on about 64 bit issue I had...

    I have done various tests. I developed a simple package (which moves files from source directory to working directory) to test timing against RTM, and the same process against SP1 and then Hotfix. The differences were negligible, between different builds. So I opened my original package and disabled...
    Posted to Sutha's SQL BI Blog (Weblog) by tsutha on Wed, Jun 28 2006
  • SSIS Performance on 64 Bit Sucks....

    I have been working on a project last few months. I have developed the project on my laptop, which is resonably powerful. It runs through fine within 9 mins with sample data set. If I replicate the same environment on a 64 Bit machine with 32 Bit Win 2003 and SP1, it takes just over 7 mins. If I rerun...
    Posted to Sutha's SQL BI Blog (Weblog) by tsutha on Fri, Jun 23 2006
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