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  • Copy query results WITH column headers!

    If you work a lot with SQL Server, like I do, the missing column headers when you copy query results from a query in the Management Studio is a major frustration. A colleague pointed me to a nice option to keep those headers while copying your data ! [Tools] -> [Options] -> [Query Results] ->...
    Posted to Dave's Blog (Weblog) by DaveRuijter on Fri, Jan 9 2009
  • New Product: Server Alert

    I’m pleased to announce a new application called Server Alert . The application is a small add-in for SQL Server Management Studio that shows a coloured bar at the side of all query windows. The coloured bar indicates which server the window is connected to. Different servers can be assigned different...
  • How to change My PK to Identity?

    I am making some improvements to a system that I didn't write. We have lots of tables which do not use the IDENTITY property - but these tables are using integer surrogate primary keys. The primary keys are assigned using a stored procedure from a key table. This is an ugly, horrible disgusting solution...
    Posted to Mark's SQL Server Blog (Weblog) by MarkAllison on Wed, Jan 30 2008
  • Customising the SSMS Table Designer

    Rick Strahl has a great post on making the SSMS Table Designer more keyboard-friendly by removing the need to have two panes:
    Posted to Jon Sayce (Weblog) by jonsayce on Mon, Jan 28 2008
  • Uninstalling an SSMS Add-in

    One thing I forgot to mention in my recent posts on SSMS add-ins was how to uninstall them. Normally this can be done using the standard Windows uninstall methods (Add/Remove Programs, uninstall the MSI, etc) but sometimes during development you may find you're stuck with an unwanted add-in. The simplest...
    Posted to Jon Sayce (Weblog) by jonsayce on Fri, Jan 25 2008
  • Building a SQL Server Management Studio Add-in

    Various people have built SSMS add-ins and some have even given tips on writing one, but very few of them explain in enough detail how to start from scratch. Joseph Cooney recently published an excellent post , but by the time I found his article, I'd already written most of this one, so here's a second...
    Posted to Jon Sayce (Weblog) by jonsayce on Tue, Jan 15 2008
  • Total SQL Recall - A Recent Queries (SQL Execution History) SSMS Add-in

    Total SQL Recall is an add-in that stores and displays your recently executed SQL, fully integrated with SSMS. It provides the same SQL recall functionality in SQL Server Management Studio that TOAD users have had for years. SQL fragments can be inserted into the current query editor, opened in a new...
    Posted to Jon Sayce (Weblog) by jonsayce on Mon, Jan 14 2008
  • SSMS Restore backup error

    This blog has been migrated to . Please update your feeds. This post can be found here.
    Posted to Andrew Calvett (Weblog) by ACALVETT on Fri, Sep 14 2007
  • Recent Queries

    Have you ever needed to write some SQL that's almost the same as a previous query, but the previous query has gone? How many times have you wished you could get it back?! Unless you save every single modification of every single line of SQL you ever write, then it would be immensely useful to have access...
    Posted to Jon Sayce (Weblog) by jonsayce on Sat, Sep 1 2007
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