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  • The penultimate audit trigger framework

    So, it’s time to see what I came up with after some time of playing with COLUMNS_UPDATED() and bitmasks. The first part of this miniseries describes the mechanics of the encoding which columns are updated within DML operation. The task I was faced with was to prepare an audit framework that will be fairly...
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on Tue, May 11 2010
  • DISABLE TRIGGER not captured, SSIS

    This post was to be about behavior of SSIS when they insert rows to tables with triggers on them. We had an issue with one of our packs that began to fail 'all of a sudden'. But when I began writing this post and building test SSIS project and database objects, I came across something even more...
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on Sat, Oct 10 2009
  • Script of DDL triggers

    How do I view the script of the DDL triggers? The answer is not sp_helptext 'DDL trigger' Because DDL triggers are defined at database / server level and not at any table level So they are not stored in a system objects like sys.objects and the usage of sp_helptext , object_name , etc wont work...
    Posted to Madhivanan (Weblog) by Madhivanan on Thu, Dec 11 2008
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