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  • Full text thesaurus files bug in documentation

    I don't normally blog about documentation errors generally because they're often not that major however this one is fundamental what is being explained. This is the page online It talks about creating new thesaurus...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Sat, Sep 22 2007
  • SQL 2005 install hangs on "Setting File Security"

    When doing an install of SQL 2005 you may encounter the install hanging on the "setting file security" stage. This is due to th install trying to do some security resolution with domain controllers. The easiest answer is to unplug the network cable (or disable the network interface), however...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Fri, Jun 1 2007
  • Maintenance plan warning for SP2

    Due to a regression bug introduced in SP2 some of the maintenance plan tasks that can operate on multiple databases may not perform as expected. If a maintenance plan component uses TSQL of this nature USE [DBFred] GO DBCC CHECKDB.... GO USE [DBSimon] GO DBCC CHECKDB.... To handle errors in the process...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Thu, Mar 8 2007
  • SSMS Custom reports - Drill through reports

    If you intend using the new custom reports feature of Management Studio and develop a set of reports that you can navigate between then be aware of a feature where by if you refresh a drill through report the some of the parameters are not maintained. For a full explanation have a look at the bug submission...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Thu, Nov 30 2006
  • SQL Server sucks - Stop complaining and do something about it

    Further to my last post about the BULK UPDATE suggestion I have made, if you have any suggestions or bugs of your own then please put them into connect. Please also support the bugs and suggestions that others have raised. The list of non-closed bugs and suggestions can be found here. - var height=90;var...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Wed, Oct 4 2006
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