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  • SSAS 2008 R2 Operations Guide

    This blog has been migrated to . Please update your feeds. This post can be found at
    Posted to Andrew Calvett (Weblog) by ACALVETT on Thu, Jun 2 2011
  • Data Warehouse Scalability Features in SQL Server 2008

    By now you might be aware or have gone through the web resources and conferences about what's new within SQL Server 2008 version, one thing is sure scalability for your database platform. Though there isn't a real-time data warehouse implementation within my work place, I have browsing through the Technet...
  • SQL Server 2008 - CTP6 is now available

    The next CTP of SQL Serve 2008 is now available for download. Whats different about this CTP from the others, apart from the new features which there are a lot, is there is a bug bash contest that is opening. Simply put the people that raise the most nonduplicate reproducible bugs on CTP6 in the next...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Tue, Feb 19 2008
  • SQL Server Samples - How to install

    I've seen confusion over the SQL Server samples recently. The most recent samples should be downloaded from codeplex. This is the new location for samples. - var height=90;var width=720;
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Sun, Oct 7 2007
  • Full text thesaurus files bug in documentation

    I don't normally blog about documentation errors generally because they're often not that major however this one is fundamental what is being explained. This is the page online It talks about creating new thesaurus...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Sat, Sep 22 2007
  • Whats in URL?

    Folowing on from my previous post about BOL URLs I thought it would be a good idea for there to be an option in BOL to display the web URL for a page as these are much easier to provide to people. So I asked my friend Alan and it seems he'd had the same idea. I've you also think it is a good...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Fri, Aug 17 2007
  • Whats in a BOL link?

    In using BOLyou will have noticed that the links in BOL contain some lovely guids. I often want to reference BOL in documents, forum posts etc but was concerned that the guids might change. So I asked Alan Brewer whether they change or not. He gave me a great response which I've got his permission...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Thu, Aug 16 2007
  • SQL Server 2005 May 2007 BOL now available

    Thanks to Gail Erickson of the SQL Server Documentation Team notifying me of the availability of May BOL. The May 2007 release of Books Online is available on MSDN and on the download site. This is a very targeted update to BOL and is limited to correcting technical inaccuracies in a handful of topics...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Mon, Jun 4 2007
  • SQL Server Trace Event Definitions

    If you are using Event Notifications or capturing events in Profiler you undoubtedly have noticed that MS have used the same columns (xml elements) for storing different data for each event. For example there is an element called "integer data". You may ask what is stored in here cos it ain't...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Fri, Mar 23 2007
  • Online Index White Paper

    Paul Randal recently informed me of a new white paper on online index operations. The whitepaper can be found here Online Index White Paper . This is one of many whitepapers that have been published lately by Bob Internals Troubleshooting ImplementingScaleOut ConnectivitySSIS - var height=90;var width...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Fri, Mar 16 2007
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