Dates - especially when SQL Server can't be British!

Just like memory config dates never seem to go away and I've had some discussions with our BI team recently on why things were not working quite as expected, especially on the 13th of the month; and I noticed the same issue had arisen for a member of the UK SSUG -  Anyway rather than spend time writing a doc for the guys here Tibor has a really good post on this it's really good paper and I'd advise anyone to print it out and add it to their essential SQL Server documents.

I actually find US English really annoying, it's our language ( British ) not theirs and I think US English should be a subset of English, not the other way around, I also get irritated that o/s installs always default to the US, and I get really really irritated when people build servers for me and leave them in the US or elsewhere - web farms with mixed locales can give some really strange results - you can use profiler to track the set options to make sure they're all the same btw.

Published 09 June 2008 18:54 by GrumpyOldDBA


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