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LINQ for SQL Developers and DBA’s

Firstly I’d just like to thank the guys who organise the SQL Server User Group (Martin/Tony/Chris) and for giving me the opportunity to speak at the recent event.

Sorry about the slides taking so long but here they are along with some extra information.

Firstly the demo’s were all done using LINQPad 4.0 which can be downloaded here:

There are 2 versions 3.5/4.0

With 3.5 you should be able to replicate the problem I showed where a query using a parameter which is X characters long would create a different execution plan to a query which uses a parameter which is Y characters long, otherwise I would just use 4.0

The sample database used is AdventureWorksLT2008 which can be downloaded from here:

The scripts have been named so that you can select the appropriate way to run them i.e.: C# expression / C#statement, each script can be run individually be highlighting the query and clicking the play symbol or hitting F5.

Scripts and Slides:

Please don't hesitate in sending any questions via email/twitter, I’ll try my best to answer your questions!



Published Mar 08 2011, 11:51 PM by AtulThakor
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