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LiveDataScript: Scripting data from a database into insert statements
30 July 08 09:50 AM | Christian | with no comments

We've partnered with a company called Live Software Solutions on a number of projects recently and they've just decide to release a great tool we've been using on a number of projects as a free download.

It allows you to generate a single script with insert statements from multiple sources and is useful for when you have data in one database that you want to write into another, for example you've got a developer database and you want to script out a subset of data that will be used on QA and production.

It's also great when you want to get data out of a table based on joins to another table because that's quite tricky to get setup any other way but with this you simply write your select statement and then script the selection out.

Check it out here: http://www.lss.co.uk/Products/LiveDataScript/



Christian Bolton  - MCA: Database, MCM: SQL Server 2008
Database Architect
http://coeo.com - The SQL Server Experts

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SQLBits: Advanced SQL Server Troubleshooting Workshop
24 July 08 01:11 PM | Christian | 1 comment(s)

We're running a full-day pre-conference workshop before SQLBITSIII in Hatfield, UK in September on Advanced SQL Server Troubleshooting.  Its a level 300/400 course.  See below for more details...

Advanced Troubleshooting Workshop for SQL Server 2005

This one day event will provide attendees with an understanding of the tools and techniques required to troubleshoot difficult and complex problems within SQL Server 2005.

Topics include:

  • Memory grants and cache usage
  • I/O Considerations and diagnosing problems
  • SQL Server waits and wait types
  • Troubleshooting latch waits
  • Query plan optimisation and execution


Perform data capture easily, and provide answers quickly with skills and knowledge gained through this training:

  • Capturing performance data with PSSDiag
  • Data analysis with SQL Nexus


For further information download the 1-page flyer.

This Advanced Troubleshooting training day provides great value for £200, and a 25% early bird discount is available, just register before August 15th and attend for only £150!

Places are limited and event registration is open now: click to Register.

This training event is delivered in partnership with SQL Bits III. The training day will be hosted in Hatfield, UK.

Should you have any questions about the training agenda, content, logistics etc please contact info@coeo.com


Christian Bolton  - MCA: Database, MCM: SQL Server 2008
Database Architect
http://coeo.com - The SQL Server Experts

Customer Advisory Team - BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide
09 July 08 01:20 PM | Christian | 1 comment(s)

We've been doing some work with the BizTalk Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft to help develop official guidance for SQL Server in a BizTalk environment.  This has just been launched as part of the Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide.

BizTalk has a strong depenency on SQL Server and massive performance gains can be achieved by configuring SQL Server properly for a BizTalk environment.  If you support SQL Server for BizTalk its a must read!


Christian Bolton  - MCA: Database, MCM: SQL Server 2008
Database Architect
http://coeo.com - The SQL Server Experts


Connected Systems Division
July 8, 2008 – Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide RTW                                                                                                           

The BizTalk Customer Advisory Team and BizTalk UE team are pleased to announce the first edition of the “Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide”.

The Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide is the second installment in a series of guides intended to provide easily accessible, hands-on guidance to our customer and partner community. This 228 page guide is available on MSDN, TechNet and as a separate DOCX or CHM download alongside the already available “Microsoft BizTalk Operations Guide” 

The guide is based on real-world experience from BizTalk CAT (Rangers), Premier Field Engineering, MCS and other customer engagements. This guide is intended to serve two purposes. Firstly, to provide regularly maintained prescriptive guidance & best practices on optimizing BizTalk Server performance for demanding production environments. Secondly, to provide a foundation for the development of PFE, MCS and Partner training and service offerings.

The key sections of the guide are:
• Getting Started: Provides an overview of the BizTalk Server functional components that can affect performance. It also describes the phases of a BizTalk Server performance assessment.
• Finding and Eliminating Bottlenecks: The Finding and Eliminating Bottlenecks section describes various types of performance bottlenecks as they relate to BizTalk Server solutions and information about how to resolve the bottlenecks.
• Automating Testing: Describes how to implement an automated build process and how to automate functional and load testing using Visual Studio Team System, BizUnit and Loadgen.
• Optimizing Performance: The Optimizing Performance section provides guidance for optimizing performance of specific components in a BizTalk Server environment

The target audience for this guide is Microsoft field, partner organizations, and customers who plan, deploy, and maintain mission critical BizTalk Server installations. The guide was created from the key learnings, processes and methodology that have been developed by the Rangers to effectively run Performance Labs for our customers.

The guide has been carefully reviewed and vetted by experts from the community of BizTalk Server, whom we gratefully acknowledge. We believe that the information presented here will help BizTalk Server users optimize their solutions.

Please post and forward to your blogs, customers, partners and colleagues in the field.

Full MSDN URL:        http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc558617.aspx 
Full TechNet URL:     http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc558617.aspx

Customer Response
In the very short period this guide was available, without official announcements, we have seen 1950 downloads page views. In addition, there were over thousand downloads of the offline versions.

The guide has so far received a 5-star rating and received feedback such as:

“Just a quick note to say that this document is bloody excellent. Great job! Please pass my regards to the rest of the team who may have contributed into the content.”
“So I spent the morning puttering around this document and I have to say Bravo!  Awesome resource!  Great job and thanks…”

My personal thanks goes to the many people who played key roles in getting this guide published. This includes:

Ewan Fairweather, Microsoft
Rob Steel, Microsoft

Editors (UE)
Trace Young
Larry Franks
Cathy Baldwin
Monica Rush
Penni Johnson

Paolo Salvatori, Microsoft
Ben Pearce, Microsoft

Stephan Pepersack, Microsoft
Justin Langford, Coeo
Kevin B. Smith, Barclays Capital
Christian Bolton, Coeo
Brian Gregor, Microsoft
Robert Hogg, Blackmarble
John Plummer, Microsoft
Niklas Engfelt, Microsoft
Everett Yang, Microsoft
Clint Huffman, Microsoft
Shane Creamer, Microsoft
Young Jun Hong, Microsoft
Guy Lau, Microsoft

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