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Coeo are giving away a Fusion-IO card at SQLBits
18 August 10 03:33 PM | Christian | 1 comment(s)
I am very excited to announce that to celebrate Coeo’s recent partnership with Fusion-IO we’ll be giving away an 80GB Fusion-IO ioEXTREME card to a lucky attendee at SQLBits. If you’ve never looked at Fusion-IO before, now is your chance to check-out...
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Tuning your SAN: Too much HBA Queue Depth?
12 January 09 10:56 AM | Christian | 9 comment(s)
Modifying the “HBA Queue Depth” is a performance tuning tip for servers that are connected to Storage Area Networks (SAN’s). A Host Bus Adapter (HBA) is the storage equivalent of a network card and the Queue Depth parameter controls how much data is allowed...
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Disk Sector Alignment
09 October 07 07:30 PM | Christian | 16 comment(s)
I’ve just finished 3 chapters for an upcoming Wrox book called Professional SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning:
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