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SSIS: Building SQL databases on-the-fly using concatenated SQL scripts

Over the years I have developed many techniques which help automate the whole SQL Server build process. In my current process, where I need to build entire OLAP data marts on-the-fly , I make regular use of a simple but very effective mechanism to concatenate...
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SSIS: Deploying OLAP cubes using C# script tasks and AMO

As part of the continuing series on Building dynamic OLAP data marts on-the-fly , this blog entry will focus on how to automate the deployment of OLAP cubes using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Analysis Services Management Objects (AMO). OLAP...
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Building dynamic OLAP data marts on-the-fly

At the forthcoming SQLBits conference , I will be presenting a session on how to dynamically build an OLAP data mart on-the-fly. This blog entry is intended to clarify exactly what I mean by an OLAP data mart, why you may need to build them on-the-fly...
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