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Published 06 December 12 10:47 PM | GavinPayneUK

In the last couple of months my community activities list has had things leave it and new things join it, so I thought share my future plans, and promote some of the events I’m supporting.

Microsoft Certified Architect : SQL Server – Giving back

Preparing for my MCA Board was the hardest, yet in hindsight the most rewarding and interesting, thing I’ve ever done.  The subjects it covers still interest me to the extent that I’m now contributing to the MCA programme itself, allowing the next people through the certification’s process to benefit from someone else’s experiences and inputs.

For those of you with the pre-requisite SQL Server MCM certification and who are interested in taking the next level of certification, there are more details here:

Additionally, free feel to email me if you have any questions about my experience of the programme gavin@coeo.com

Accelerating Data Warehouses with Columnstore Indexes - SQL Santa – 14th December

The fact that Columnstore indexes work in a totally different way to how we’re used to SQL Server working makes me curious about them.  I’m sharing the learnings from my curiousness, and outcomes from a customer proof of concept test, in a hour’s presentation at a London event in mid-December.  SQLSanta is a day long even at Microsoft’s London venue, and has a range of Microsoft Product Marketing, and industry professionals, presenting about contemporary SQL Server industry topics.

Although the event is now fully booked, you can find more details about the sessions here http://www.sqlserverfaq.com/events/452/SQL-Santa-2012.aspx as I suspect some will be presented at future community events, I’ve certainly submitted mine for some already.

Mission Critical Data Platforms on Windows Server 2012 Pre-con – SQL Saturday 194 – Exeter – 8th March

Christian and I are hosting this one day workshop with the agenda of un-leashing the new capabilities of Windows Server 2012 to make SQL Server deployments even more highly available in even more scenarios.  Rather than reviewing the introductory level aspects of Failover Clustering or Availability Groups, the day looks at how previous platform limitations can now be overcome using native features in the latest Windows operating system.  These include subjects such as the merging of high-availability and disaster recovery design patterns, the use of new storage formats such as SMB file shares, and using Hyper-V virtual machines in HA and DR configurations.

You can read more about our pre-con, and book, here http://sqlsouthwest.co.uk/SQLSaturday_precon.htm


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