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Vista and SSRS

Did you know that Microsofts new operating system will only allow you to install SSRS's full features on its Business and Ultimate editions?  Yep.  Vista does not allow users access to a little itsy feature in IIS called Windows Authentification.  So while your Vista Premium machine might have IIS, it has this little tiny thing excluded from it.  Microsofts explaination is that IIS 7 on Vista Premium is for the Hobyist web developer.   

I found out the hard way; I asked my Dell rep when I baught my PC if the Vista Premium had IIS, and he said "YES!"  Too bad he didn't know that Microsoft decided to exclude Windows Authentification from some versions.  So much for the Vista Premium purchase; and Dell didn't help me at all upgrade to Ultimate.  I had to purchase a Vista Ultimate upgrade on my own from some online retailer.  Yikes was my wife anoyed at the cost of my being an IT geek.  On the bright side I can now play Texas Hold Em.  (Deep sarcasm.)

Let this be a warning to those of you who want to develop and install all of SSRS from home on your own PC.

Here are a couple of links that I found on the subject: