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MCITP BI News; some news for MCTS BI and SQL Server 2008

Anticipated recources for the premier Microsoft Business Intelligence certification (MCITP BI) for SQL Server 2005 are fading from Microsoft.  

I recently was made aware from Amazon that a book I pre-ordered titled "MCITP Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-446): Designing and Developing a Business Intelligence Infrastructure by Using Microsoft SQL Server(TM) 2005 (Mcitp Self Paced Training Kit)" was cancled

I spoke with someone* from MSPRESS and found out the following: 

"We postponed the 70-446 Training Kit, but plan to get it going again for the SQL Server 2008 release. I can only give a rough estimate on availability, probably Summer 2008. "

In a later e-mail the person I spoke with shared that they agreed that "A Training Kit would be the optimum preparation for the 70-446 exam. I’m sorry we don’t have one available now, but we’re planning an edition for the upcoming SQL Server 2008 release."

 So... If you're interested in the MCITP BI and want to obtain that before next Summer, they suggest the following books:

One thing on that website that is innacurate is that Measure Up and Self Test Software companies do NOT have the 70-446 exam preps for this cert and from what I can tell, they will not.  The only company that seems to have a test prep kit is Transcender; and I doubt Microsoft recommends them.

I also heard that "There’s a PerformancePoint 2007 TS exam planned for later this year/early next, but no current plan to tie it in with the SQL Server 2008 MCITP BI certification."

Regarding the MCTS BI exam, my source shared "Currently, the SQL Server 2008 BI exams will include a completely new TS exam (replacing 70-445) and a refreshed version of the 70-446 exam. But there’s been nothing official yet and plans can change."

Interesting news, huh?



* I can share the name of the person individually off the record with you if asked, but I'm not sure its wise to share the persons name publicly.