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A New Record ( How many noughts ????????? )

I have to say I thought I’d seen it all but this last week brought an event of such magnitude I may be contacting the Guinness Book of Records. OK that’s not true, but I’d like to!

One of our production systems has to support a certain element of real time reporting, now OLTP applications don’t really go hand in hand with Reporting but to be honest not all applications clearly fall into one camp or another; for instance how do you place a financial system – well it certainly supports transactions, but you can’t put all the data in without looking at it – anyway this system difficult to classify.

As part of my monitoring I capture slow running queries as this helps in all sorts of ways, I record cpu, io and duration. Well today to my utmost delight one of our stored procs made an entry on my list with a stunning  1,292,836,673  page reads – impressive eh?

Now a page read is 8kb so I did a bit of rough maths, yup it isn’t very accurate I know, but if you work out the kbx the page reads this proc did the equivalent of reading the entire database 104 times over.

Now I think this is pretty remarkable for a piece of production code, this wasn’t a bug or a new release gone wrong either.

So is this a record or do you have procs which can beat this? Please let me know.

Sometimes I really wonder !!!

With all the best intentions in the world I did a review of some of our non production environments, what I realised was that we had not changed the default password on these environments for a number of years; essentially all user passwords are set to a default when cleansing the production environments. OK so far so good – I let everyone know and refreshed the environments.

Now let’s say that the original passwords were not exactly very secure – you’d maybe find them in a hackers dictionary.

What was somewhat amusing was the fact the testing team didn’t seem to realise we’d done this for some of the test environments for nearly two weeks .. hmmm!

Then the ultimate, to make life easier it seems some users decided to reset their passwords back to the ones that had been used for the past 4 years .. doh !

Then the final push which made me post this – walking out of the offices ( which are shared with other companies ) a caught the conversation between tow folks discussing access to their computer system “ It’s Admin  Admin, to get in “   aaarrgghhhh! 

I'd like to quote from a book I was given for fathers day  “Laugh on the loo”   -  “ Never underestimate the power of a bunch of stupid people!”

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