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Community is Great

I have a great respect for so many who contribute to the community, without them I would often struggle in my role for sure. When "strange events" happen in a busy production environment it can be quite daunting when it seems everyone around...
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Partitions and FullText - not an option

I'm a strong advocate of partitioning having deployed solutions through SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008, in fact federated servers is about the only aspect of partitioning which I've not deployed in a production environment. Recently I've been applying...

Gone in 60 nano seconds – The presentation

Here’s my working document for the presentation fleshed out with sample code and hopefully containing the majority of what I talked about. To recap I was talking about dealing with archiving of logged data by using partitioning and removing aged data...
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Filtered Indexes - Really Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may or may not be aware that one of the major new features for SQL 2008 is filtered indexes. Now I'm not quite sure why more hasn't been made of this as it is without doubt a seriously significant new feature. I suppose it depends upon your...

Excellent Partitioning Article

I've done some work with table partitioning using the "sliding window" scenario using KImberley's article as a reference point. I was reading through my Technet Magazine and found this excellent article on partitioning by Noah Gomez
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