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Published 21 June 10 12:01 AM | MartinBell

We are delighted to announce that venue and dates for SQLBits 7.

The “Seven Wonders of SQL” will run from 30th September – 2nd October 2010 in the historic city of York.

After the success of SQLBits VI we looking to push onwards and upwards (well north) with our next event and we will be reverting to the format that was so successful in Wales. Day one will be a training day, featuring in-depth seminars from a number of well-known SQL Server professionals; day two will be a deep-dive conference day with advanced sessions delivered by the best speakers from the SQL Server community; and day three will be the traditional SQLBits community conference day, with a wide range of sessions covering all aspects of SQL Server at all levels of ability. There will be a charge to attend days one and two, but day three will as usual be completely free to attend.

The venue selected by the committee for SQLBits 7 is York University http://www.york.ac.uk/ & http://www.yorkconferences.com/.

Session submission is now open and we are looking for presentations on the seven main parts of the SQL Server toolset: the relational engine and TSQL, Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services/PowerPivot, Master Data Services, StreamInsight and Parallel Data Warehouse. As a community organisation we are keen to have as many people involved as possible, so we welcome submissions from any new or inexperienced speakers.

For more details go to www.sqlbits.com.

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