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Guids and compression
14 July 09 09:00 AM | MartinBell | 2 comment(s)
Previously I looked at how GUIDs affected fragmentation, in this investigation I look at how they may affect fragmentions....
Wot no SCOPE_GUID() function??
08 June 09 03:23 PM | MartinBell | 4 comment(s)
When you have a database generated GUID value how do you find out what it is?...
GUID Fragmentation in SQL Server
25 May 09 12:47 PM | MartinBell | 3 comment(s)
With the advent of NEWSEQUENTIALID() fragmentation was reduced in clustered indexes, but what if you want to generate guids on the client? I look at the implications on fragmentation for different methods of guid generation...
GUID Ordering in SQL Server
25 May 09 11:13 AM | MartinBell | 3 comment(s)
When creating client-side guids to be stored in SQL Server things are not as simple as you expect......

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