Default Members vs Excel

Today we ran into an old problem again.

Let's start an AS database with a single Sales CUBE and a TIME dimension (+ several other dims). The TIME dim has a default member:


It works perfectly when browsing it in BIDS or SSMS.

The problem comes when we want to implement it into an Excel fix report that is published on MOSS. It's important that it's fix, because this way we have to anchor the value of the filter expression. When you drag and drop it at the first time it's okay because the correct value is added into the filter field.

But a day later the default value is changed but the report remains the same because you cannot pick the 'Default Member' in the filter.

To solve it (and I think succeeded but only temporarily) we inserted a false row into the source table of the TIME dim, processed the cube, created the Excel report and picked that false row for filtering. Afterwards when the false row is removed from the relational table and thus from the AS dimension (after a full process) the Excel report couldn't find the value it was saved with so it showed the desired Default Member.

It works but is far from being elegant and might cause some trouble later when we have to recreate the report and forget to do the above mentioned tasks.

I would appreciate every comment if any of you have some idea!


Published Friday, December 12, 2008 3:47 PM by MartinIsti
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