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Are you looking for some R2 Training Resources - then this would most likely keep you busy for a while digesting all the content

SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Kit (April 2010 Update) it Contains the following

  • Presentations (22)
  • Demos (29)
  • Hands-on Labs (18)
  • Videos (35) 
SQL Server 2008 R2 offers an impressive array of capabilities for developers that build upon key innovations introduced in SQL Server 2008. The SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Kit is ideal for developers who want to understand how to take advantage of the key improvements introduced in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 in their applications, as well as for developers who are new to SQL Server. The training kit is brought to you by Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism.

Overview and Benefits
The training kit offers the following benefits:
  • Learn how to build applications that exploit the unique features and capabilities of SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Provides a comprehensive set of videos, presentations, demos and hands-on labs
  • Contains new content for developers who are new to SQL Server.
  • Contains new content for SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Contains all of the existing content from the SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit.
  • Easy to download and install.

Happy Training

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What have I been up to this week, Well that would be telling now.

What I can say, is that I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the User groups meetings being held in London this week, but I was not content with just the 1, I also had a 2nd helping of UG fun the very next evening


With the 1st meeting of the week on Wed (Victoria) having a DBA / Dev focus, it began with a Round table & nuggets session (not the chicken MC variety but a few tasty morsels tips on SQL none the less), this followed by yours truly with a session on Service Broker (more on that shortly), then a vendor presentation from Phil Parkinson BakBone Software, refreshments break and then finally with MVP Chris Testa O'Neill on Monitoring and Controlling Resources in SQL Server (very nice)


This was followed on Thursday  (Thames Riverside) with a great BI focus - Implementing common business calcs using DAX in PowerPivot (MVP Chris Webb).. Boy I'm going to have fun learning how to use DAX & PowerPivot


So to pick up from earlier, as I mentioned I gave my session on Service Broker (it was primarily an Intro session, with a small focus on what the challenges are likely to be encountered etc..)

As it happens @ the 11th hour I was laptop less (trust me that's not the best of starts if you are due to present a UG session that week) 

One thing I did do, was then to rule out my attempt to run any demos using a borrowed laptop, so that meant I was trying to now fill those "Demo segments" with even more talking and a couple of hastily added slides

Let's just say it was not as smooth as I would have liked...(today's lesson learnt - Don't try to present with out @ least some demo's)


You will find attached the Presentation slides (zip file) I used that evening - I will in due course add the "Missing Demo's" in a short video in the very near future.



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I'm sure you are now aware of the SQL UserGroup events (both in London) on Wednesday 19th & Thrusday 20th evenings, If you have never been to one of the events before then I would highly reconmend attending one or both of them.

Covering a wide range of subjects these meetings are an invaluable way to gain insights into various features from SQL experts (both presenters and attendees alike) frequently you will learn new insights and gain different perspectives on how to use those features & technologies in the real-world, not to mention a great way to network with your peers.

I will be doing a session on the Wednesday event on "Service Broker" - So if you would like to know more then simply register and I will see you later this week, for a complete listing of all the other topics and to register for these events (See Coming Event) , also don't forget to spend some time reviewing the recent blog links and other content - We have a new section "Cuppa Corner Screencasts"

To top this all off @ this weeks meetings we will be providing details for the chance to win a FREE place on the "Must See" 1-day seminar with Kimberly Tripp & Paul S. Randal on 17th June (London - Heathrow).

For those of you who tweet, you can follow us using #sqlfaq