July 2012 - Posts

I have some wonderful and exciting news to share

I've been fortunate to become one of an amazing line-up of "Technical Leaders" for the 2013 SQL Cruises http://sqlcruise.com/2013-trainers/

So I'm very pleased to announce I'll be presenting a 2-Hour session on "SQL Server 2012 Memory Management" on the Miami SQL Cruise http://sqlcruise.com/2013-training/

I'm going to be working hard on honing those precious 120 minutes into an intense DEEP Dive on SQL 2012 Memory

Want to know how well that memory is being utilized then this session is tailored made for you, the session will be DEMO heavy (in addition to background & reference materials),the sessions focus will be on identifying techniques to troubleshoot & resolve Memory related issues and performance

If you want to see this session first hand and receive the outstanding training that is available on the Cruises, then simply make a BOOKING for one of those in-demand seats, they are limited and have always filled fast on
previous cruises - Don't miss out by delaying your decision

As a previous cruiser I can attest first-hand how being immersed for a full week with the expertise of the SQL Cruise Technical Leaders along with the other SQL Cruisers can make a HUGE difference to your SQL
careers, do you have a SQL problem you need to get insight into, here is your opportunity to find some answers

I'm hoping to have become a SQL Server 2008 MCM by the time the cruise start and perhaps even on the way to becoming a 2012 MCSA as well

I'm also looking forward to doing some scuba diving - may have to get certified before I go to take full advantage of the diving opportunities, and would love to swim with some dolphins as well

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