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Lately there has been questions on some of the newsgroups and forums how to set up SQL Server Service Broker to send messages between remote instances. Quite a while back I created some scripts to accomplish that, and I posted those scripts as answer to the questions.

Unfortunately, as I said, the scripts were based on an earlier build than the April CTP so there were some syntactical errors for the code to create certificates. Davide, came across a couple of the errors and posted a correction here. Anyway, I changed the code and I believe it should now work correctly. If you are interested you can find the scripts here.

Who better to write a book about SQL Server Service Broker than Mr. Service Broker himself, Roger Wolter. Roger is Group Program Manager at Microsoft for Service Broker, and what he doesn't know about SSB is not worth knowing. When the book is published, it'a a must read!

BTW, I first saw the blurb about the book on Rushi's blog. If you are into SSB you better subscribe to his blog.

As he states in his blog entry, I convinced (ok, I begged) Euan Garden to partner with me and Matt Nunn on the Data and Systems track at PDC.  So, now the hard work begins of coming up with the track abstract, working through the multitude of sessions (some new and interesting topics you will not want to miss about data in general) and the long meetings (blue bags or black bags, long-sleeved shirts or short-sleeve. . . ).

What would you like to see in the Data and Systems track at PDC?  Of course, SQL Server will be there but is there other things you are interested in?

I'll be at TechEd so if any of you are there, stop by the SQL Server cabana and say hi.  We have some interesting things to announce at TechEd this year so be sure to keep looking for that news when it hits.


Now is the chance to have your say what you want to see at this years PDC. From Tom's blog.
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Along with Visual Studio we are adding the option of support of the CTP program via Web Based forums in addition to the traditional newsgroups, we’d love to hear any feedback on the system.

[MSDN Blogs]
Euan posted the above about new forums for SQL Server 2005 stuff. I am subscribed, but I rather have newsgroups only. Anyway, I'm probably just old-fashioned. What are your thoughts regarding spreading the community between web-forums, newsgroups etc???

A while ago (two weeks more or less), I released the first version of SSB Admin - a GUI for SQL Server 2005 Service Broker. Since then I have had some feedback thanks guys (you know who you are), and as result from that feedback I have now released a new version. Not much new functionality, more minor fixes. Some of the fixes:
  • At startup the application does not enumerate the servers on the network. It only loads local instances. This speeds up the load time.
  • Subsequently, there is now the functionality to either add remote servers by name, or browse and add remote servers.
  • The application now supports both integrated as well as mixed security.
You get it from here. Finally; feedback is very welcome - you know where I am!

Yesterday I wrote about that the SQLCLR team had started blogging, and today I saw their first "real" post. They've written about the new way of doing TVF's using the CLR in SQL Server 2005. Bob touched upon it a while ago, but here they expand in a really interesting post.

The title says it all. You find it here, and the RSS is here. Subscibed!!

 As I have blogged about before, I am not terribly pleased with the deployment mechanism of assemblies to SQL Server 2005 from the "SQL Server Project" project-type in Visual Studio 2005, and I created my own MSBUILD deployment tasks instead. Sporadically I have uploaded these tasks for general consumption and the latest realease targetting the April CTP of SQL Server 2005 and .NET can now be downloaded from here. Nothing has changed in this release from the previous release. However I still want to point out a couple of things:
  • These tasks generates script files with the T-SQL syntax for the deployment.
  • Partial support for ALTER ASSEMBLY
  • Support for deploying different versions of the same assembly
  • Support for the SqlFacet attribute. By using the SqlFacet attribute you can define size of parameters (think nvarchar) as well as size and precision (for decimal etc). The attribute is not restricted to parameters, but can be used for return types as well.
There is actually one thing that has changed, I have added Visual Studio project and item templates to the download. The project template brings automatically in the necessary build- and type conversion- files for the deploymet task, and the item templates contains some skeleton code for procedure/functions/triggers/aggregates and UDT's. Please note that the templates do not do automatic deployment from the build menu, you still need to do the deployment from the command line. So, what are you waiting for - go and get the download.
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