I’ve been blogging on and off (mosly off) for a couple of years now, and blogging has been trying to quit smoking - but the opposite: you keep it up (blogging) for a while but then you fall back into the old habits (not blogging).

I have decided to give it a final go; I’ll try to blog with some frequency, if I can not do that for a sustained period I have told myself to give it up totally. In conjunction with trying to get back to blogging I have also decided to move to a wordpress.com hosted blog. For a little while I may do some cross-posting to here, but I suggest that you go over to my wordpress blog.

In this blog I’ll cover (as before) topics regarding databases (SQL Server in general), data access technologies (ADO.NET, LINQ etc). As I have recently switched to Mac and OSX I may also write about the experiences switching to Mac after having been a Windows user for a looooooong time.

I’ll try and do a re-direction of the feed from here to the new feed at wordpress, but I can not guarantee that I will succeed in doing that, so if you are interested in my rants please re-subscribe at: http://nielsb.wordpress.com/feed.