SSIS : Enhanced Error Component - Update

I have finally got round to looking into the error reports and found a few bugs in this component.

I have uploaded a new install for this component including the fixes. The component now validates correctly that the correct inputs are attached to the component.

The key to using this component is to attach two outputs from the upstream component, the error output and the normal output. The normal output should be connected to the passthrough input of the enhanced error component and the error output connected to the error input.

The enhanced error component uses the normal output during the pre execution phase to map the column LineageIds to column names, after that the normal output is not touched it just passes through the component, thus the name of the input.

I hope explains how the component should be used.

Published Thursday, June 28, 2007 12:55 AM by simonsabin


Thursday, June 28, 2007 4:10 PM by Ron McKay

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I would REALLY like to use this as it sounds like something I have been looking for.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009 8:59 PM by ccote_1

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HI, would it be possible to get the source code for it. I can donate via paypal if you want.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009 9:16 PM by simonsabin

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The only documentation is on the download page

The source code isn't available I'm afraid