Getting answers from Experts Exchange for free

If you've searched for the answer to a question, you must have found results that appear on the site whats annoying is that you go to the site and you have to pay to see the answer.

Well not quite, do you wonder how the results appear so well in the search engine, its because Experts Exchange provide the search engine with all the text of the answer.

They do this by putting all the answer right at the bottom of the page.

Try this, do the following search

The first result should be on Experts Exchange .

If you follow the link, you will find the page that looks something like this, not I am not logged in and it says we need to start a trial to view the solution.

However if you look at the scroll bar you will see the page is very long.

If you scroll to the bottom, passed all the different categories you will find the answer, completely readable.

Whats interesting though is that if you go to Experts Exchange directly and then navigate to an answer the answer won't be displayed. Clearly Experts Exchange are doing something different probably to improve their [SEO].

However you can still get the answer. To do this, take the title of the question and put that in your search engine. When you do the search the EE page should appear in the results, if you click on it you will be taken to what appears to be the same page but you will amazingly find the answer at the bottom. They must be doing something with the referrer, i.e. where you clicked the link, because the URL is the same.

So there you go, you can now get all Experts Exchange content for free


Published Thursday, July 16, 2009 9:58 AM by simonsabin


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