20 MVPs and 4 former MVPs at SQLBits

I thought I’d have a little count up and I’ve found that over almost 50% of the sessions will be delivered by current or former SQL MVPs. How awesome is that.

Whats great is that we have MVPs from all over the world attending SQLBits. Which goes to show what a truly fantastic event SQLBits is.

As a sample we’ve got

1. Brent Ozar doing a precon on Virtualization, SAN, and SQL Server: The Perfect Storm and two regular sessions SQL Server Storage - 1,000GB Level and Virtualization and SAN Basics for DBAs 

If you are doing virtualisation or using a SAN and who isn’t  then you have to get to see Brent’s session. He’s also one of only 5 people outside of Microsoft that are Microsoft Certified Masters

2. Christian Bolton is doing Consolidating data collection with SQLDIAG and analysing it all with SQLNexus 

If you want to do performance analysis then get along to Christian’s sessions. Oh and he’s not just one of the other 5 people that is an MCM but is also a Microsoft Certified Architect MCA.

3. Jamie Thomson is doing SSIS Dataflow Performance tuning

Jamie is MR SSIS so if you want to know about SSIS then SQLBits is for you. I should also mention that Allan Mitchell and Darren Green are also going to be presenting, they founded SQLDts.com and SQLIS.com so we truly have the top people presenting at SQLBits


If you want to look at previous content to see what you are missing if you don’t come why not look at Bob Duffy’s Project Gemini (aka Powerpivot) presentation http://sqlbits.com/Agenda/event5/Self_Service_Business_Intelligence-_Project_Gemini/default.aspx Did I mention that Bob is also a Microsoft Certified Architect.

In addition to the MVPs, MCAs, MCMs that we have at SQLBits we will also have the SQLCAT (http://www.sqlcat.com) team present, have a look at Thomas Kejsers IO session from SQLBits 5. This is one of the best IO sessions I’ve seen http://sqlbits.com/Agenda/event5/Designing_I_O_systems_for_SQL_Server/default.aspx


So whats stopping you. Get registering know, and for only £350 you get 3 days or awesome training from the best people in the industry. Whats more, unlike a normal training course, you get to cover the topics you want to cover and are relevant to you. I can also give you a 20% discount to make it even cheaper if you contact me

Register now before the 3rd September to save £100

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Thursday, August 26, 2010 8:16 AM by SimonS Blog on SQL Server Stuff

# 20 MVPs and 4 former MVPs at SQLBits

I thought I’d have a little count up and I’ve found that over almost 50% of the sessions will be delivered

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Friday, August 27, 2010 7:44 PM by NeilHambly

# re: 20 MVPs and 4 former MVPs at SQLBits

Wow, I'm going to be rubbing shoulders amongst an elite group @ SQLBits, I'm really looking forward to presenting my "Data-Tier Applications" session on the Saturday.

In addition I can hardly wait to attend many fabulous sessions during the whole 3 day conference, including many from the crème de la crème SQL Server's Professionals.

Hope to see you there real soon.