SQL 2016 Technical Deep Dive Video – SQL Engine and TSQL

This is the set of videos from the SQL Server Engineering Team on SQL Server 2016. This post is covering The SQL Engine, TSQL and High Availability.

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In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server
Jos de Bruijn (LinkedIn|Twitter)

Learn how In-Memory OLTP delivers performance improvements up to 30X for transactional workloads in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. See how enhancements made in SQL Server 2016 make it easier to use and adopt in your applications, and improve performance and increase scalability even further.

Stretch Database- Leverage infinite storage and compute capacity in Azure with SQL Server 2016
Joe Yong (LinkedIn)

Are business requirements or industry/legal regulations requiring you to keep data for extended periods of time? Is your database growing to unmanageable sizes and are storage costs dominate your IT budget? On this Data Driven session, learn how SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database allows you to keep as much data as you want while reducing maintenance efforts and overall costs without changing your application.

Always On Availability Groups enhancements in SQL Server 2016
Kevin Farlee (LinkedIn|Twitter)

"On this Data Driven session, we explore Always On Availability Groups, which are extremely popular in enterprise deployments where availability is critical to the success of the application. Learn about the advances being made in SQL Server 2016 which help to unblock even more scenarios and increase performance.

SQL Server 2016 Query Store Simplifying Query Performance Troubleshooting
Mike Weiner (LinkedIn|Twitter)

On this Data Driven session, you'll learn why database query performance is a mission critical aspect of any solution. Introduced in SQL Server 2016, the Query Store gives database administrators and developers a simple tool to help troubleshoot, understand and rectify poor performing queries. The Query Store can also be used to analyze query performance and workload patterns across an extended period of time (from weeks to years) and to de-risk upgrades by allowing for before and after query plans, saving and reverting characteristics.

Dynamic Data Masking SQL Server 2016
Tommy Mullaney (LinkedIn|Twitter)

Sensitive data or personally identifiable information (PII) stored in a database often needs to be obfuscated, so that it's only available to specific people on a need-to-know basis. On this Data Driven session, you'll learn how Dynamic Data Masking in SQL Server 2016 helps you easily limit access to sensitive data fields without requiring any changes to your application code.

Effortlessly Analyze Data History Using Temporal
Jovan Popovic (LinkedIn)

On this Data Driven session, find out how temporal support in SQL Server 2016 enables you to easily keep an entire history of changes in your tables, go back to any point in time and run interesting analyses. See how easily you can use temporal tables in SQL Server 2016.

JSON as a bridge between NoSQL and relational worlds
Jovan Popovic (LinkedIn)

On this Data Driven session, learn how new JSON functions in SQL Server 2016 enable you to load JSON text in tables, query both standard tables and JSON data, or export content of tables as JSON. See how easily you can combine relational and NoSQL concepts in SQL Server 2016.

Azure VM is the best platform for SQL Server 2016
Luis Carlos Vargas Herring (LinkedIn|Twitter)

This Data Driven session discusses why Azure Virtual Machine is the best cloud platform to run SQL Server 2016. It provides an overview of the SQL Server deployment, configuration, management and monitoring.

Full Lifecycle of Financial Data- Using SQL Server 2016
Marko Hotti (LinkedIn)

This Data Driven session shows you how SQL Server 2016 handles payment card transactions in real-time, allows the real-time analysis of the transactions, secures the sensitive card holder´s data using Always Encrypted, analyses anomalies in the payments using R integration and stretches transaction history into Azure with Stretch Database.

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