July 2010 - Posts

Today is the last day for voting for SQLBits sessions. Make sure you get your votes in, go to the Public Sessions page to vote.

Once the votes are in we will compile the agenda.

Registration is now open for SQLBits 7.

If you want to attend Thursday or Friday AND Saturday then click the option for the relevant day and you can select you wish to attend the Saturday later on in the registration process.

With the Saturday being a free day its essential for us that people make the choice whether they are going of not.

Hope to see you there

Voting is now open for SQLBits 7. http://sqlbits.com/information/PublicSessions.aspx

There are 90+ sessions and so I suggest that you think what sort of sessions you want and do a search for that topic. You can vote for 10 sessions and we will then use those votes to decide on which sessions to pick.


The pricing for SQLBits 7 has been announced and can be found here.

There will be discounts available for usergroups so if you run one then please contact us. contactus@sqlbits.com

To fore warn you we will only be accepting credit card payments this year. This is due to the additional work required to reconcile cheques and BACS payments as well as the fact that some companies still haven’t paid for attending SQLBits 5.