We’ve moved a few things around which has freed up some places on the Performance Monitoring and the Optimising BI Training Days at SQLBits 8.

SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting with Klaus Aschenbrenner

It's Monday, 10:30am. You are just receiving an email that informs you that your SQL Server has enormous performance problems! What can you do? How can you identify the problem and resolve it fast? Which tools provides you SQL Server for this task? In this workshop you will see you can do effective performance monitoring and troubleshooting with SQL Server. You will learn how to identify performance bottlenecks with tools and information provided by SQL Server and how to resolve the identified performance bottlenecks.Click To Register

Optimising Microsoft Business Intelligence with Thomas Kejser

Thinking about building a huge, TB sized cube? Loading millions of rows / second into your database? Maybe you just want to make your BI system run faster? In this pre-con session I will talk you through some interesting, high scale customer scenarios and the lessons learned from them. We will dig into both SSAS and SSIS, and show you how to get the most performance out of these products.
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