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Get ready for SQL Server 2008 RTM release!

Are you desperate to get Relase To Manufacturing (RTM) release of SQL Server 2008?

Well, long wait for SQL Server 2008 is nearly over.

It is an official announcement that SQL Server 2008 will be on the August price list.  This means that customers and partners will soon be able to place their orders for SQL Server 2008 as we get ready to RTM in Q3 of this year. As per Bob Kelly, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Infrstructure Server Marketing announced during Worldwide Partner conference on July 09th 2008. Good news for finance people is cost of deploying SQL Server 2008 in terms of licensing will same as SQL Server 2005 costs (no additional or small prints).

You may be aware that we have seen a preview/rehearsal of SQL Server 2008 during June 2008 which is RC0, more from this SQL Server 2008 Release Candidate - public download is available now. post here and for more joy don't forget to upgrade the local SQL 2008 documentation aka BOL - SQL Server 2008 RC0 and 3.5 Compact edition Books Online - download and update your copy  fyi.

So it is defiently a long wait for the users to get hands-on with RTM on SQL Server 2008 which has been announced during June 2007 (CTP) and promised earlier to release by February 2008, as you may refer SQL Server 2008 features and getting through CTP, RC, RTM. Are we there yet?  post here.

So having the official releases of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and now with SQL Server 2008 it will be an interesting career path for IT Pros & Developers in coming years (atleast until 2010). More interestingly I would say how many companies out there will be officially jumping into pool of these 3 hard-core 2008 version products immediately and no wait until next Service pack release, better deploy first than waiting for long time.

SQL Server 2008Being one of the launch leader of HeroesHappenHere & MVP got a free copy of Windows Server/Visual Studio/SQL Server 2008 DVDs and now can't wait to get my hands on RTM which is the final product of version 2008 on SQL Server.

More to come.....

Published Friday, July 11, 2008 4:05 PM by ssqa.net


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