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SQLAzure - whats on your mind?

A new section on my blog site - SQL Azure. Remember SQL Server Data Server (SSDS) which has got a new naming as 'SQL Azure'! This is the new kid on SQL Server platform that has built on the SQL Server technologies to deliver relational database...

Help Microsoft BI Development team to Build next version of AdventureWorks databases

Until SQL Server 2000 you may be familiar with pubs & northwind sample databases that were available along with SQL Server installation and since release of SQL 2005 the scenario has been changed for Sample databases.The version of AdventureWorks...

SQL Server - Have you observed DBCC SHRINKFILE operation performance, on huge databases?

In general it is not a best practice to perform SHRINK database operation on a production server, atleast regularly! Sometimes it may be compulsory to keep them sized in order to ensure the disk storage is not compromised for any sudden changes to databases...