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SQL Server in Virtual platform - keep a close watch on physical server's configuration

Server consolidation & virtualization is a hot topic and also it is one of the biggest concerns for many DBAs is scalability/performance when it comes to virtualization. At this point,performance for virtual machines can be close to, if not the same...

Cluster resource 'SQL Server (<SQL Server instance name>)' in Resource Group '<Cluster group name>' failed.

A common mistake by DBAs for missing to check whether all the functionality of tools are working when a SQL Server Cluster environment is setup, though you may not catch hold of few issues with basic failover/failback testing initially but when the application...

Receive 24 hours of free, online training on new Microsoft products

Jump into training with Microsoft Learning! This was the theme with Heroes Happen Here launch and here are further details from Microsoft Learning page: Receive 24 hours of free, live online training Microsoft Certified Trainers present 24 hours of live...

SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition - make data available while creating indexes on large tables!

Though it is not a best practice to perform a CREATE INDEX on large tables during the online hours where you have number of users accessing the metadata of SQL Server database. Within SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition you can perform ONLINE indexes operation...