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SQL Server scrollable server cursors, use them carefully!

One sentence, if you haven't used the Cursors sensibly then database performance will be cursed! This is for newbie users and DBAs to be aware that on general recommendation is server side cursors are better than client side one, in this you need to be...

SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition - make data available while creating indexes on large tables!

Though it is not a best practice to perform a CREATE INDEX on large tables during the online hours where you have number of users accessing the metadata of SQL Server database. Within SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition you can perform ONLINE indexes operation...

SQL Server 2005 Replication: What are the Schemas and how they are replicated?

You may be aware SCHEMA carries 2 different meaning within SQL Server 2005 version that were introduced, first one is the definition of an object (object.schema) and next one is owner of an object (user.schema). In the first case replication copies the...

SQL Server X64 and X86 - differences and what you see in terms of performance?

Is 64 bit means more memory? Yes, to be precise. Going forward you will see majority of Microsoft product will go with 64-bit, such as Operating System, Web & Database Application software. So what is the difference between X64 and X86 based applications...