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SQL Server: What is the internal representation of all the datatypes?

That was the question from SSP forums asking about the internal representation of data types in SQL Server. Here is further explanation for that questions where I picked up new information too. Back to the basics, that all the data that needs to be stored...

SQL Server 2008 - Unstructured Data Storage Solutions and Best practices, SQLBits

Data is most business-critical for any organization and no doubt that they invest heavily to make data management system more efficient, above all the storage is important piece in the puzzle. Now a days there are no limitation in terms of what kind or...

How SQL Server 2008 can help to build fast track data warehouse?

Beginning of this year I have posted here about Build your BI skills in fast track data warehouse and based on that I have had few questions and feedback on how best we can take help of SQL Server 2008 features to build the fast track data warehouse....