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you now have another channel to see any communique I have on SQL Server, rather than legnthy blogs you will see my randomn sql thought

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Hi All


I am pplease to confirm the manchester user group has a new venue in partnership with BSS

BSS, Westminster House, Minshull Street, off Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3HU

Dates have been updated for the UG sessions, please take a look

 Any questions please email me



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At the London SQL Server User Group I was asked a number of questions regarding the release of Collection 6233 - Implementing and Maintaining Business Intelligence in Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008: Integration Services, Reporting Services and Analysis Services, which has been authored by myself. Particularly regarding the SSIS component of the collection.

Elearning is an interactive training experience that enables you to learn at your own pace. With a variety of learning tools including demonstrations, animations as well as written materials and the addition of labs that enables you to reinforce your learning. Microsoft Elearning can provide a valuable learning tool when you may not have the time to take out of the office to attend a course

This 24-hour collection provides you with the skills and knowledge required to implement and maintain business intelligence solutions on SQL Server 2008 and also helps students to prepare for Exam 70-448 and you can buy each part individually see:

However, you will create a simple data warehouse in this collection and use SSIS to create packages to populate the data warehouse with data, exploring key concepts and tools to faciliatate this. This was a decision thart I took when writing this course based on feedback from hundreds of students who attended Microsoft Official Courses on SSIS. They wanted a course that allowed them to use SSIS to work with a data warehouse. This collection will certainly enable you to explore the options available in SSIS to meet this requirement while at the same time meeting the certification requirements

I hope this answers the questions regarding this collection and hope you enjoy this collection




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Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server are approaching 10 years since their launch and both products will go out of support on July 13, 2010.

Windows XP was launched back in 2001. While support for the product will continue, Service Pack 2 will go out of support on July 13, 2010. From that date onwards, Microsoft will no longer support or provide free security updates for Windows XP SP2.  Please install the free Service Pack 3 for Windows XP to have the most secure and supported Windows XP platform.

Finally, Windows Vista with no Service Packs installed will end support on April 13 2010.  Please install the free Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista to have the most secure and supported Windows Vista platform.


This may have implications for older version of SQL Server that are installed on these products and you should assess whether it is time to upgrade



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While Sport Relief drives fundraising by challenging people to do physical activities such as running a mile, we’re introducing the ‘Bing Search Mile,’ which gives people the ability to search using Bing and raise money for charity.

For every 10 searches made, will donate 5p to Sport Relief 2010, enabling you, and your friends and family, to raise money just by searching with Bing until the end of March. With the average mile taking about 10 minutes to run, in the same time, you can make up to 150 searches online - that’s 75p raised for a good cause per ‘search mile’. And while you’re at it,  why not step it up a gear and aim to complete a ‘Search Mile’ each day or even a ‘Search Marathon’ over the 5 week campaign with your colleagues, friends and family? How to get involved: 1.      Visit and download the Official Sport Relief Bing Counter. Once downloaded, the Sport Relief counter will count all the searches you do on Bing from that point on.  2.      Now that you’re registered (and signed in), invite your friends, family, colleagues or classmates to join in the fundraising with you – automatically generates an email explaining how it works for you to send them – the more people who search with you, the more money you raise. People can also register a school 3.      Run your ‘search mile’ every day and watch how your searches turn into life-changing cash for charity, with every 10 searches equalling 5p for Sport Relief. You can check your progress by visiting your individual page (more info here).  This is such a positive initiative and I challenge everyone in the UK to invite their key contacts to be part of Give with Bing.  


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