February 2012 - Posts

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We (Martin Bell and Chris Testa-O’Neill)  started writing an email and didn’t realise how big it would get so we stuck it on a blog instead 

So in summary this blog covers:

  • Microsoft and the MVPs roll into Manchester  on the 22nd May  for SQLRelay 2012
  • Leeds and Manchester User Group Dates for 2012
  • Workshops in the North from the best SQL Server Experts.
  • SQLBits – spaces are running out 
Microsoft and the MVPs roll into Manchester  on the 22nd May  for SQLRelay 2012 

May 21st – 25th 2012 sees the second instalment of the SQLRelay as user groups across the UK liaise with Microsoft to bring you the best speakers from the UK and Microsoft. Manchester will host a full day/evening event on the 22nd May at the Coop in Manchester. Microsoft will be speaking as well as recognised MVPs and also members of the local Manchester and Leeds SQL Community. Furthermore, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. Whats more the event is free. You can register for the event
here before an official announcement comes from Microsoft and SQLServerFAQ next month. 

Leeds and Manchester User Group Dates for 2012 

We want to thank you all for your support over the years. This has led to what I believe is the best line up so far in 2012. This is not possible without your continued attendance and support 
You can view the event details and register by clicking on the links

14th Mar – Manchester:  Martin Bell and Tony Rogerson
15th Mar – Leeds: Chris Testa-O’Neill and speaker TBC

25th Apr – Leeds: Tony Rogerson and Mark Broadbent
26th Apr – Manchester: Chris Testa-O’Neill and Mark Broadbent

21st -25th May – SQL Relay (Manchester 22nd May)

4th Jul – Manchester:  Chris Webb and speaker TBC
5th Jul – Leeds:  Chris Webb and speaker TBC 

5th Sep – Leeds:  Alex Whittles and speaker TBC
6th Sep– Manchester : Alex Whittles and speaker TBC 

17th Oct – Manchester: Christian Bolton and speaker TBC
18th Oct – Leeds: Christian Bolton and speaker TBC 

28th Nov – Leeds:  Allan Mitchell and Jenny Stirrup
29th Nov – Manchester:  Allan Mitchell and Jenny Stirrup 

Each speakers content will be going up on the site in the due course 

There are also chances for people from the User Group to take up the mantle and do a presentation to your fellow attendees. Anyone wishing to put their name down for any of these evenings please let me know. It doesn’t have to be a full 1hr slot, if you want more or less time we can accommodate both! Anyone can bring a question or SQL Nugget to any meeting.

Workshops in the North from the best SQL Server Experts.

You will note that for the first time we have Christian Bolton and Chris Webb speaking in Manchester and Leeds. We have tried to get them over the last couple of years but their calendars are usually full. They will be running workshops around the dates that they speak at the user groups. If you are interested let me know, as soon as I get more details I will send them out to you. 

SQLBits – spaces are running out

SQLBits X is the official UK Technical Launch for SQL Server 2012 and is taking place at the London Novotel West hotel in Hammersmith. You may have seen communication about it nearly being full. If you want to attend, I would urge you to
sign up in the next week as it will be full very soon 


Chris and Martin