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The Microsoft Learning Portal for SQL Server 2008 is Now Available
The new SQL Server 2008 Learning Portal contains the latest MSL products including eBooks and e-Learnings, Instructor-lead Trainings and Certification Exams on SQL Server 2008. The site is branded with the same look and feel as the ‘Heros Happen Now’...
SQL Server 2008 - Recently Published Articles
Recently Published Articles · SQL Server 2008 Overview Articles o Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2008 o Reporting Services in SQL Server 2008 o SQL Server 2008 High Availability -- Always On Technologies o SQL Server 2008 and Data Platform Development...
Free Microsoft Official Curriculum - SQL Server 2008
Clinic 7045: What's New in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008 (free) https...
Upcoming Katmai CTP4 Public Web Chat
Hello All There is an upcoming Katmai CTP4 Public Web Chat More details available here SQL Server 2008 July CTP Live Meeting Schedule Direct links to the Live Meetings events to be posted soon Enterprise Scale Reporting Engine 08/15/07 AS Time Series...
Webcast - Katmai overview
TechEd webcast of Dave Campbell’s Katmai Overview presentation at: TechNet Webcast: The Next Release of Microsoft SQL Server: Overview (Level 200) Monday, June 4, 2007 12:00 P.M. - 1:15 P.M. Pacific Time Enjoy, Cheers, Itay Braun
The first public CTP of Katmai is now available
The first public CTP of Katmai (soon will be officaialy called SQL Server 2008) will be available for download from . Download links will be live on Monday (June 4th 2007) morning at 8:30am EST (18:00 in the UK)...
KATMAI - Vision for next release of SQL Server announced at Microsoft’s first Business Intelligence Conference
Just released today (May 9th) at Microsoft’s first Business Intelligence Conference. Microsoft SQL Server “Katmai” Builds on Proven Success of SQL Server 2005, Empowering Customers...
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