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SQLBits Conference 6th Oct - Amazing Response : over 200 registrations in just a couple of days!

What a fantastic response we've had to session voting and registration opening, we've had over 2,000 votes as of now, with 10 votes per person that's over 200 people now registered!

We only have room for 350 so we are half way there and registration has only been open for a couple of days.

If you really want to come - get in there NOW and register and vote, avoid disappointment.

Saturday Oct 6th sees the first SQL Community conference (SQLBits -, 20 sessions in 4 tracks (Business Intelligence, DBA, Development and Katmai) on a Saturday in Reading at a cost of £0 - that's free of charge! 20 sessions from some of the top SQL folks in the UK.

You need to register on the site and then select the 10 sessions ( you would most like to see. We will use this voting to help decide which sessions are to be run. We have over 36 sessions crossing the full SQL Server spectrum and only 20 slots.

Once you have selected and saved your selection you will be given the conference registration URL.

To register for sqlbits:


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