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The UK SQL Server User Group is pleased to bring you one of the worlds top SQL Server professionals - Kalen Delaney on her 20th year of SQL Server anniversary tour.

Join us for a full day seminar (16th Nov) on one of the most important and troublesome topics in SQL Server today. "As a consultant I am frequently called into companies that have performance problems with their SQL Server database applications, one of the big culprits is poor query plans caused by poor query design, more often than not it's either parameter sniffing causing bad plans to be cached and reused or procedure cache bloat and inefficient use of the procedure cache caused by poor application design", Tony Rogerson SQL Server MVP, Torver Computer Consultants.

This full-day seminar will cover techniques available for determining if, when and how you should override the optimizer’s choice of query plans. It will also cover how to determine if your plans are being reused, how you can determine if reuse is desirable for your queries, and how you can control query caching behavior.


Although the demonstrations will be run on SQL Server 2005, much of the information presented will relevant to SQL Server 2000 as well.


This seminar will cover the following topics:


         Tools for Analyzing Query Plans

         Plan Caching and Plan Cache Metadata

         Plan Reuse and Parameter Sniffing

         Managing Plan Cache and Preventing Cache Bloating

         Overriding the Optimizer

         Plan Guides

         Plan Management and Plan Caching Futures

One of the problems you often see with production systems is badly written queries that do not use the Procedure Cache effectively or through developers not understanding key concepts like Parameter Sniffing.

This seminar will give direct benefit to your existing and future SQL Server based solutions. For less than £200 you can gain valuable knowledge that can save you magnitudes more on reduced hardware costs and developer/support time.


Early bird, book and pay before 26th Oct -> £150 ex VAT


Full price £199 ex VAT


To reserve your place: http://sqlserverfaq.com/controls/event/eventbooking.aspx


More information: http://sqlserverfaq.com/train/kd200711/



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