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New to SQL Server? Want to create a stable environment with DR and HA?

I'm giving a Full Day Seminar on the 12th September at the University of Hertfordshire which is just north of London.

For full information see:

This is targetted for people new to SQL Server or for those in departments like IT OPS who need to support SQL Server.

The abstract is as follows:-

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2005
    • What is a relational database?
    • What is SQL?
    • What features come with the product and how can they be used to build a complete and stable platform for your database application and business process?
  • Introduction to SQL
    • A basic understanding of querying
      • SELECT statement
      • UPDATE
      • INSERT
      • DELETE
    • What do we mean by Concurrent access?

      • Blocking

      • Performance and Bottlenecking

  • Configuring SQL Server

    • Backup Plan

    • Recovery Plan

    • Application Availability

      • Log Shipping

      • Database Mirroring

      • Clustering

      • Replication

    • Security

    • Hardware

      • RAID

      • Memory

      • Licencing

    • Monitoring your box

      • Event Notifications

      • Alerts

  • Troubleshooting

    • What tools can I use?

      • SQL Profiler

      • PerfMon 

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