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  • Management studio for express

    If you were at my chalk and talk on managebility in Sql Server 2005 at the launch in Birmingham, you will have heard me talk about the Sql Server Express edition of management studio. Well its out, only a ctp but its out, EuanG has blogged about it
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Thu, Nov 10 2005
  • Check for existence of temporary table

    Another of those tricks that isn't well documented is the ability to check for the existence of a temporary table. Many places say it's not possible for #tables, well they're wrong. object_Id will return a non null value if you use the following format tempdb..#temptable combined with object...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Wed, Nov 9 2005
  • Wildcard search in SQL Server Full Text

    Most people, me included, didn't think it was possible to do a wildcard search with full text in SQL Server. Well you can and whats more you can do it in 2000 as well as 2005. Okay so you can't do a full wildcard search i.e. "s*n s*b*n" to find Simon Sabin, you can only have your wildcard at the end...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Mon, Nov 7 2005
  • Almost 200 visitors

    Today has broken my record for visitors, not quite getting to 200, which I'm quite chuffed at given the amount of effort I put in. I have been looking back at some old posts and was trying to see if any had received more than 1000 web visits i.e. not rss and was suprised to see that my post on user defined...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Mon, Oct 31 2005
  • Great features in Management Studio

    I am continuing to find great features in SQL Server 2005. The latest is the log viewer. You now have the power to display logs from SQL Server, Event log, Database Mail and SQL Agent all in on view, merged based on time. This means that you don't have to flip back and fourth between event log and Enterprise...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Sat, Oct 29 2005
  • T-SQL and CLR types for return value do not match

    If you've been playing building serious applications with SQL Server and its CLR integrtation you may have come across error 6551 or 6552. These relate to types not matching up between the function/type/procedure... declaration in TSQL to that in your CLR code. The basics are that certain TSQL types...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Mon, Oct 24 2005
  • Intellisense in SQL Server 2005

    Looking back it was a long time ago that Euan G and Patrick Conlan came to the UK and showed us Yukon for the first time. On thing I remember was Euan showing us intellisense. Well you will I am sure know by now that SQL Server 2005 doesn't have intellisense any more. It was pulled. Anthony Bloesh has...
    Posted to Simons SQL Blog (Weblog) by simonsabin on Mon, Sep 26 2005
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